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Reptiles of Nepal




Reptiles first evolved from amphibians about 250 million years ago in the Carboniferous period and were dominant in the world's fauna during the Mesozoic era, sometimes called the Age of Reptiles.

Most reptiles are carnivorous, feeding on other organisms, a few are herbivorous
In fact, birds and mammals evolved from reptilian ancestors. Reptiles are distinguished from other vertebrates by the fact that they have dry scales covering their bodies.
As cold-blooded animals, reptiles tend to be limited to temperate and tropical areas, but, where found; they are relatively common, although not as large or conspicuous as birds or mammals
Reptiles are the first vertebrates that, in an evolutionary sense, have evolved an egg that is truly independent of water. Indeed, many snakes and lizards have even gone beyond this stage and have attained complete viviparity. It is difficult to generalize about reproductive behavior in the reptiles because the various groups differ from each other in the sensitivity of their receptor organs.

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