Nepal Wild Life

Amphibians of Nepal



Animals that can live on water and on land, and can jump in straight lines. These words are enough to remind the verities of amphibians.
Amphibians are cold-blooded vertebrates that spend part of their lives in bodies of water (or watery places) and part on land. "living a double life." Is the another name of amphibians. They are very sensitive to changes in temperature, humidity, and water quality. Adult amphibians usually live on land, never straying far from the water and returning to it when it's time to breed. Amphibians are interesting group of animals that serve as the intermediate members in many food chain and ecological systems. Often referred to as an ‘early warning system’, they are good indicators of environmental health. Amphibians start out as eggs that are usually laid and hatched in water or moist ground, and the early stage of most amphibians' lives are spent in the water. Baby amphibians, called larvae, don't resemble the adults at all. As they mature, they go through major changes, called a metamorphosis.
Over 50 species of amphibians are found in Nepal. Long-term monitoring of Amphibians in Sun Kosi and Arun region in Nepal and China is undergoing. The including few names of amphibians are frogs, newts, salamanders, toads and caecilians.