Nepal Wild Life

Butterflies of Nepal

Many research and studies about the butterflies said that Nepal is tobe one of the best in the world for buttreflies. There are diffrent types of butterflies in different environment like hot and cold, dry and moist. Most butterfly species however are found in tropical ares, especially tropical rainforests, some found at sea level and high in the mountains too. Many of them, who visit to Nepal, many all of them don't know that Nepal is home to a massive variety of delicate and colorful butterfly species.

Up until now, 643 species of butterflies have been recorded in Nepal; the study of butterflies in Nepal has been going for a long time. The study says there could be more in the numbers some new are coming too through the year. Some endangered species of  butterflies are found within thekathmandu valley. The recommended time to view the butterflies is March - October however there can be found some all over the year. There are certain region in Nepal where the concerntrations of butterflies are higher, depending on which habitat the butterflies perfect, Phulchowki, Sundarijal, Godavari, Nagarkot and Swayambhu are few names only in the kathmandu valley. The common Brimstone, Indian, Oakblue, Least Grass Jewel, purple Sapphire circle, Chocolate Albatross, Great Eggfly, the Great Orange Tip are the name of few species of butterflies.