Nepal Wild Life

Birds of Nepal



Nepal is a paradise for birds with over 860 species recorded representing 10% of the world’s population in just a small part of the earth’s land. Similarly Nepal is a small model of various climatic and topographical regions. Nepal is a bird watching destination of international importance. For a country of its size Nepal is exceptionally rich in its biodiversity, specially its avifauna.
Thus Nepal is also known as the Paradise for birds and animals because of conservation effort made by the people and the government.

There are many types of birds among them some are, six species of pheasant including the impeyan pheasant, Nepal's national bird, 17 species of cuckoo, which are characterized by their distinctive calls. eight species of stork, 3 species of crow, cormorant, egret, black ibis, eagle, falcon, duck, chukar, partridge, sarus crane, lapwing pigeon, bengal green pigeon, dove, parakeet, koel cuckoo, owl, vulture, peafowl, red jungle fowl, swallow, black drong, blue jay, wood pecker, black-headed shrike, common myna, red-vented bulbul, paradise flycatcher, brahminy duck, house sparrow, red mania, and hawk.
With a lot of effort that our guides make for you will be a memorable and enjoyable, in other hand it gives you a panoramic mountain views, glimpses of wild animals and exposure to the local people’s culture and traditions too.