Nepal Wild Life

Photography wildlife safari




Nepal is a dramatic destination for photographers, which provides varieties in photography, scenic locations, culture, people and daily life, harmony, country side, sheer varieties of flora and fauna, shoring snowcapped mountains, sunrise or sunset over the mountains of riverbanks, a photographer can get all in a short time within short location.
A unique opportunity in the Himalayan country to nature lovers who want to improve their photography skills in a way you never thought possible. The world knows Nepal is an exotic Himalayan paradise for the photographer for both amateur and professional.
Your journey embraces the many elements of Nepal as we venture from the fertile valleys of Kathmandu to the graceful snow covered peaks of the Himalayas.
Nepal has many wonderful destinations for many activities. Only few days trip for photography may not give you the real test of it but at least 1-2 weeks period is enough to win it. As we all knows a picture can speak thousands of words, who know may be you are the best in photograph with a varieties in it. Let’s join us for the life long memory.