Nepal Wild Life

Fauna of Nepal



A very small part of the world occupying country Nepal is surprisingly rich in bio-diversity. It has thousands of plant species and out of them half are flowering. Nepal is also extremely rich in indigenous medicinal plants. The medicinal and aromatic plants database of Nepal includes 1,624 species of wild, domesticated, and naturalized plant species.

Nepal is well known destination not only for mountaineering and things, it has wide range in flora and fauna as well. Here can be found many species of animals and birds too. Likewise Nepal’s position in global is 860 species of birds (8.5%), 181 species of mammals (4.2%), 100 species of reptiles (1.5%), 635 spices of butterflies (4.2%), 185 spices of fresh water fishes (2.2%) and 43 spices of amphibians (1.1%).

What helps to be rich in many things is the variety of nature and climate. Almost half part of the country comes in the Himalayan range. There are many birds and animals found in Nepal which can not be found all over the world. Nepal has a lot of forests which also a permanent place for several varieties of birds including pheasants, Danphe pheasant which is the national bird of country also can be found in the Nepal’s forests.